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Valerie is the person who makes you feel at ease in an uncomfortable situation and can make complicated things understandable. She is the perfect combination of sister and coach. After a too long and toxic relationship she was driven to create a space for women that helped them get outdoors. She started with running hikes and camping retreats for women in Southern California and found wonderful success until the COVID-19 pandemic threw a wrench in that plan (waa waa). So, she learned how to build a better website and get her self-proclaimed great advice out into the world. She is often found on the trail, in the ocean, or watching the wildlife in her backyard. (Valerie is the front row far right in the picture).


Why You Can Depend On Us

Woman owned

It is in the mission and the name. We are here to make getting outdoors easier for all women.

Honest advice

Like that friend you know will always tell you when you don't look good in those pants.

thourough reviews

Saving you time and money by spending the time reading the reviews and finding the right options.

Easy Peasy

Designed with you in mind, so it's easy to find the answers to your questions. We have some great articles on this page to get you started.

Bonus Articles

The advice she gave for how a hiking shoe should fit literally blew my mind! I had no idea I should go up a size and it made a huge difference.

Judy Garcia Weekly Hiker

I like how the information is organized. I don't want to spend a lot of time reading through stuff, I just want to get out on the trail and this site helps me do that.

Charity Johnson  Camper/Backpacker

The review on REI bikes is the best thing ever! It really helped me choose a bike for me and my tweenage daughter.

Alyson Barrows Mountain Biker

Coming Soon

How to Get Outdoors with the Right Gear

A breakdown of outdoor activities and the gear you will need to do it safely and enjoy it.