Getting outdoors is one of the best things we can do for ourselves. It gives us a chance to put our phones down and tune into the sounds of nature. Being outside is my favorite place to be. 

Part of getting out there and having a good time is having the right stuff.  We hope that we can help you find the right gear at the best deals for your next outdoor adventure.


We have reviewed the most important parts of outdoor gear for the most popular trips women take like camping, hiking and backpacking. So, if you are tired of getting confused and frustrated when shopping check out our helpful guides and reviews.

Finding the right outdoor gear for your next adventure shouldn't be a hassle or cost an arm and a leg.  It doesn't matter what you are planning on doing, getting the right stuff for the trip should be your priority.


If you are planning on a camping trip, the right tent can make all the difference. You want enough space inside, weather protection and an easy set up. We have spent countless hours testing and reviewing outdoor gear, check out our articles and helpful checklist above.

Hiking is one of life's greatest gifts and a treasure if you have the ability to hike for fun. The most important part of any outfit are what you put on your feet. After feet make sure your pack and ten essentials are in there.  Check out our guides, reviews and checklist above.

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