There are more and more women traveling the world every year. Sure, we had quite a break during the 2020 stay home theme - outside of that, we just keep dominating the outdoors. Our favorite things to see in the United States are the National Parks.

There is so much variety among the parks from hottest place to the highest place on the continent. Not to mention the animals and beautiful plants.

Find A Park

There are over 400 sites managed by the National Park Service across the United States and territories. The most well-known areas managed by the park service are the National Parks and National Monuments. All you need to do is click on a state to find a park to visit.

Trip Planning

Headed out to a National Park and want to make sure you have a good plan? Check out the guide we created to help you out. We lay out options for activities, places to stay and what passes you can get.

National Park History

Wondering how and why the PCT and the the lakeshores at the Great Lakes are part of the National Park Service. You can also find other information about how the parks are maintained.

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