About Us

For Her About Her By Her

Make getting outdoors easier for her.
We sift through piles of information, test equipment, interview industry leaders and distill it down into helpful bites. 

Everything we do is about her.
We write helpful guides and honest reviews about what women experience in the outdoors.

All of our resources are created by her.
We strive to offer insight and experiences designed by women for any outdoor adventure.

Dedicated to Women

We are dedicated to helping women advance their outdoor skills and confidence through helpful guides and honest reviews. Here we want women to buy the right thing the first time, so she can focus on the adventure at hand.

We all began our journey toward becoming confident outdoors-women at different times, yet we all faced very similar challenges.

What Sets Us Apart

For Her About Her By Her has zeroed-in on helping women find the right gear to build confidence and the skills outside that will make every outdoor adventure safe and memorable.

Our founder, Valerie, was tired and frustrated by the difficulty in finding the answers to her questions about where to start and what to do. What she found most troublesome was the challenge of deciding what mattered when choosing shoes, packs, tents, harnesses, and whatever the adventure called for.

The male-centric nature of the outdoor industry is rooted in its history, yet it creates barriers to women today. At For Her About Her By Her, we strive to offer solid and grounded guides and resources to find the gear that makes sense for the women heading out.

We have all had a bad experience doing something for the first time because the equipment didn’t fit, wasn’t meant for the job, or worse, failed.

Like the time she wore gallon ziplock bags in her mesh running shoes and strapped snowshoes to her feet. The feet were dry, but they were really cold and she had a hard time enjoying the scenery. The second time she went with waterproof and insulated hiking boots and was able to stay out all day and even enjoy a snowy picnic.

Finding what you need and trusting where it came from is what women deserve. We aim to deliver honest information and recommendations to help you focus on savoring every minute of your next adventure.

Here is to making the most of every adventure!

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