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We are a team of women who are dedicated to making it easier for other women to get the right stuff for their next adventure. We research, test and discuss what works best for our trips and our lives so we can translate that for you and your adventures.

We strive to bring you the best of the best, so you can save time shopping.  We will always keep you updated with the best coupons and deals on the internet.

Outdoor Gear

If you are in need of recommendations for gear for outdoor adventures, take a look at our lists and guides below. We have checklists for hiking and camping, to get you started. Check out the trail shoe reviews and recommendations.  Need a tent? We have a guide to tent types and reviews on major brands.

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Trip Planning

We love to get out for a weekend and hike, camp and backpack in our local areas.  For longer trips we try to make it to a National Park.  We have put together a list of National Parks by State and trip planning information for visiting the most popular Parks. You can also find some useful checklists for getting your trip started.

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If you are like us, then you like to save money when you shop. Since we are always trying new gear we are also on the lookout for deals and savings. We have our reviews and coupons for your shopping convenience. All the best deals we share with you on our brand coupon pages.

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