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Below are some of our favorite brands. Click on the image to visit their website and start hunting for your next great piece of gear.

The Adidas story began in 1924 Germany by a pair of brothers, Adolf and Rudolph.  They began the Dassler Brothers Shoe Factory and started improving the construction of the spikes in athletic shoes.  A strife between the brothers lead to the destruction of their joint venture and in 1949 Adolf began Adidas and Rudolph started Puma, two rivals in the same market.

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Black Diamond Equipment is dedicated to pushing the limits of climbers and skiers, which makes their gear unbeatable.  Based in Utah since 1991, this company has its roots in home-forging climbing gear and selling it out of a trunk in Yosemite Valley dating back to the 1950's.

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black diamond equipment

Coleman is geared (get it?) toward recreation and camping.  Known most widely for the Coleman lantern, it began in 1900 when William Coleman started selling gasoline pressure lamps in Oklahoma.  From there the brand expanded to its own lanterns, sleeping bags, and other camping and recreational equipment.

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Coleman camping


Cotopaxi builds its gear from recycled materials and every purchase helps the people o the Andes.  This company was built based on the founder who wanted to create a company that does good. They offer an annual adventure race for all ages called Questival, we have participated and it is awesomely epic!

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High Sierra Sport Company was started in 1978 by Harry Bernbaum and his son Hank. They have lead the industry with their forward thinking and versatile travel gear for the outdoor lifestyle. Currently owned by Samsonite, they continue to offer high quality and affordable products.

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High Sierra Brand

KEEN is widely known for its hiking sandal and some people call any hiking sandal with a closed toe a KEEN. They are dedicated to taking action to support those in need since their start in 2003. They offer grants and scholarships, as well as collaborating with many non-profits.

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Merrell was established when two guys from Rossingnol ski company went in on a new hiking shoe companytogether.  They joined forces with R. I. Merrell, a custom boot maker, to develop a more affordable hiking boot and launched in 1983.  Within four years of the first product release R. I. Merrell sold his share and went back to his previous life of building boots.  

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Nike got its start on a waffle iron with a college track star and his coach.  There were 1,300 shoes sold the first year, 1965, and Nike had 50% of the market share by 1980.  Primarily focused on shoes, the amount of design and style that comes from this company is always inspiring and oh so worthy.

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The North Face

The North Face started as a climbing store in San Francisco, CA by Susie Tompkins and her husband, Douglas in 1966.  The company was sold after two years, but it still holds the goal of providing the best gear for athletes and modern explorers, supporting conservation and inspire a global movement of exploration.

The North Face

REI (Recreational Equipment Incorporated) is a favorite among outdoors-women for good reason!   It all started in 1938 when a group of 23 climbing friends, united by their love for the outdoors, decided to source quality and affordable gear for their adventures.

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Salomon is known for attention to detail and creating quality outdoor products, particularly trail shoes and ski equipment.  It all started in 1947 when a young man convinced his parents to change what they made in their shop.

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salomon usa

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