Valerie Root

If you are looking to buy a REI Bike Rack you will first need to decide if you want a Hitch Rack or a Roof Rack? 

The types of bikes you plan to carry and your needed trunk access will be the biggest influence on your rack choice. 

REI Bike Hanging Racks

Typically hanging bike racks are lighter and easier to remove than tray racks and use simple straps to secure two to four bikes. 

REI Tray Racks For Bikes

The tray racks are more versatile and often eliminate contact between the rack and the bike frame. 

Because of their design they can accommodate a variety of frame sizes and shapes. 

Swinging Racks and Folding Racks For Bicycles

If you need access to the rear door or trunk than you should consider a REI swinging rack or an REI folding rack for transporting your bikes. 

Because of their unique design you can swing them around and out of the way of the rear door or trunk to access it without unloading all of your bikes. 

Saves so much time and headache! 

Other Hitch Rack Considerations

  • Know Your Hitch Size - the standard hitch size is 2" but some smaller vehicles may have a 1.25" hitch receiver. Vans and heavy duty trucks can have a receiver hitch as big as 2.5", check the size of your receiver before you buy. 
  • Towing Capacity Matters - check your manual or online to find out your vehicles towing and carrying capacity. Often times a sedan outfitted with a hitch won't be able to handle four bikes, four passengers and all their gear.  

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