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Merrell shoes for women who headed out on their next adventure are made for all occasions.  Merrell shoes women love to wear are listed below with easy ways to buy the shoes.  We have the women's hiking shoes from Merrell that you have been looking for. 

Merrell Lightweight Hiking Shoes Women

When it comes to women's lightweight Merrell hiking shoes, their combination of experience and technology sets them apart from other brands. Learn more about ventilation. The Merrell Bare Access Flex is a great lightweight option that did not make this list.  


Siren Edge Q2

Weight: 1lb 2oz, 516 g

Cost: $62 - $90

Colors: Vapor (shown), black/purple

This Merrell lightweight hiking shoes women claim make a wide foot appear narrow! The Siren Edge Q2 is a favorite Merrell lightweight hiking shoe women love to wear.


MQM Flex 2

Weight: 1lb 5oz, 588g

Cost: $81 - $110

Colors: Cobalt (shown), black/teal, blue-grey/teal, blue/yellow

Great lightweight hiking shoe with the great feel of Merrell shoes. The Merrell MQM Flex offers a good fit over long days on the trail or in the field.  


Women's Moab Flight

Weight: 1lb 1oz, 460g

Cost: $110

Colors: Marine (shown), black, black/camo, grey/camo, grey/yellow, dark blue, orange

The fit and feel you trust, now designed way lighter and can go further. This is cushioned and protective designed to boost your confidence no matter the terrain.

Merrell Waterproof Shoes Womens

Waterproof Merrell shoes are great for light snow adventures like urban running or wet spring trail hikes.  Merrell waterproof shoes offer great options in style and color, we listed the Merrell Siren Edge. Learn more about waterproofing.


Merrell Moab 2 Waterproof Hiking Shoes

Weight: 1lb 12oz / 800g

Cost: $125

Colors: Stone (shown), grey, brown/blue, olive/blue

One of the most beloved styles of all Merrell waterproof shoes, this Merrell Moab 2 mid Waterproof Hiking Shoe is sturdy and durable.  This women's Merrell Moab 2 waterproof hiking shoe is prepared to take a beating and keep you comfortable. 


Siren Edge 3 Waterproof

Weight: 1lb 3oz / 550g 

Cost: $110

Colors: Grey/peach (shown), teal/navy, blue/grey.

The Merrell Siren Edge 3 waterproof is a great choice for hitting the trail and the Vibram soles keep them sticky even when it's wet. These fit comfortably like a sneaker but offer the construction of a hiker.


Merrell MQM Flex 2 GORE-TEX Waterproof Hiking Shoes

Weight: 1 lb 4oz / 580g

Cost: $97 - $140

Colors: Grey/hot pink (shown), blue-green/peach, grey/teal, dark grey/teal.

Great color selection with the Merrell MQM Flex 2 waterproof hiking shoe and the breath-ability of  GORE-TEX make these an easy pick for someone on the go. The older models are often discounted.

Merrell Wide Shoes Women’s Hiking 

Many of the Merrell shoes women want that come in wide widths.  Merrell shoes wide width shoes are a great choice.  Learn more about traction. The Merrell shoes made with the proprietary ventilator material are great for hot days and wet conditions.


Moab 2 Ventilator Wide

Weight: 1lb 11oz / 772g

Cost: $100

Colors: Sand/blue (shown), tan/yellow, brown/blue

Merrell ventilator shoes feel like they are made for you, there is no need to break them in.  The Merrell Moab 2 hiking shoe is a great trail shoe that holds the promise of many miles.


Merrell Women's Siren Edge 3 Wide 

Weight: 1lb 2oz / 516g

Cost: $95

Color: Black/purple (shown), grey/blue

The Merrell wide width shoes, like the Women's Siren Edge 3  tend to run a little big, so make sure you get them from a place you can exchange if they aren't quite right (like REI).


Merrell Moab 2 Waterproof Wide 

Weight: 1lb 12oz / 800g

Cost: $125

Colors: Olive/blue (shown), grey/mint, dark grey/ blue.

This Merrell Moab 2 wide width model is one of the most popular shoes of all time by Merrell shoes women love.  You will see the Merrell Moab 2 hiking shoe all over this page.

Low Cut Merrell Women Hiking Shoes

Low cut shoes are great for trail or trips with little or no weight and easy terrain. There are so many great low-cut or Merrell sneakers to choose from.  The Merrell Trail Glove 5 was on that list as well as its cousins the Merrell Trail Glove 4 and 6. Merrell hiking shoes that do exactly what you need.


Merrell Bravada Hiking  Shoe

light weight sneaker hiking shoe for women in the colors salmon and light purple.

Weight: 1lbs 4oz / 576g

Cost: $120

Colors: Coral/purple(shown), beige/blue/yellow, white/rose, grey, blue/teal, pink/grey, black/yellow

This Merrell Bravada shoe was build from scratch specifically for women and fits like a sneaker! Talk about ultimate comfort. This hiking shoe has super sticky traction and is great for all kinds of terrain.


Merrell MQM Flex 2 

Weight: 1lb 5oz / 588g

Cost: $110

Colors: Blue/blue (shown), black/teal, grey/teal, blue/yellow

This lightweight and flexible Merrell MQM Flex 2 shoe is great for trail running and travel.  The responsiveness and fit make these a great shoe for long distance hiking. The reason it's on this list is because it is the tear-resistant hiking shoe dreams are made of. 


Merrell Antora 2 Rainbow

Weight: 1lb 4oz / 540g

Cost: $110

Color: Rainbow (shown)

This is the prettiest hiking shoe I have ever set eyes on! Its got breathability, support and great traction and its even vegan! It is designed specifically for women on the search for her next great adventure. The Merrell Antora 2 Rainbow also comes in block and more toned down colors as well.

Mid Cut Merrell Women Hiking Shoes

These mid cut boots offer stability and support around the ankle as well as increase the amount of protection from dirt, rocks, snow and water.  The mid-cut selection is one that is extensive. The Merrell Moab 2 Mid Vent is a non-waterproof and lightweight option that we wanted to make sure we mentioned.


Moab 2 Mid Wateproof

Weight: 2 lb / 904 g 

Cost: $135 - $145

Colors: Brown/red, dark grey/blue, tan/blue, beige/orange, white/confetti

The Merrell womens hiking boots use the waterproof breathable technology of M Select™ DRY which offers great performance. Women use the Merrell Moab 2 Mid waterproof shoe for backpacking trips in all terrain. The molded  nylon arch shank offers lightweight support and stability.


Yokota 2 Mid Waterproof

Weight: 1lb 7oz/640g

Cost: $67 - $100

Colors: Grey/tan/pink (shown)

The Merrell Yakota boots offer a different ankle cut than the other options.  The Yokota 2 Mid is a great option for lower ankle support. This shoe uses M Select™ DRY technology.


Merrell Moab Mid 2 Vent

Weight: 2 lb / 904 g 

Cost: $110

Colors: Brown/purple (shown), grey

The Merrell Moab 2 Ventilator is great for everything you may encounter on a backpacking trip. The Moab Mid 2 vent is made from a breathable material and is great for summer or dry conditions.

High Top Merrell Women Hiking Shoes

High cut hiking shoes are awesome for difficult terrain or with wet conditions.  Learn more about waterproofing. No one makes outdoor foot wear like Merrell hiking boots women buy on repeat.


Merrell Tactical Boots

Weight: 2 lb / 904 g 

Cost: $110

Colors: Brown/purple (shown), grey

These Merrell womens Strongfield Tactical 8" waterproof boot is ideal for the most rugged terrain and toughest of women. Designed to offer shock-absorption and cusion right where you need it most.


Merrell Thermo Chill Waterproof

Weight: 1 lb 14 oz / 848 g 

Cost: $110

Colors: Black, tan

These are equipped with M Select™ Fresh which helps to fight bacteria and odor, the ideal hiking shoe for snow and long distance trips. Great lug size for secure grip on slippery surfaces.


Moab 2 Mid Waterproof

The waterproof breathable

M Select™ DRY technology offers great performance.  Many women use these boots for multi-day backpacking trips and heavy duty work.

Need a Hiking Gear Checklist?

Fashionable, Stylish & Cute Merrell Womens Hiking Shoes

Shoes can be cute and functional at the same time.


Tremblant Mid Polar Waterproof

The easy pull on waterproof boots are made for cold winters and hearty women.  These have low bulk and effective insulation and waterproof uppers.


Andover Bluff Waterproof Boots

These are great options for looking good and traversing wet conditions.  With a modest heel and high ankle they are perfect booties.


REPLACE with Alpine Sneaker 

The color options make this a unique shoe that looks great in the gym or with jeans.

Summer Womens Merrell Hiking Shoes

Summer months offer the chance to work on our favorite Merrell sandals womens style and tank top tan lines!

Looking for a great summer hiking shoe? With Merrell sandals women have many options and colors. The best part of summer is being able to wear sandals and bathing suits.  Make the most of summer with Merrell sandals.


Merrell Choprock