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Benefits of the REI Mastercard and REI Credit Card: Bonus 5% Back On REI Purchases


Outdoor enthusiasts who frequent REI for their adventure needs might find substantial value in the REI Mastercard and the REI Credit Card. Offered in partnership with U.S. Bank, these cards are designed with REI customers in mind and come with a host of benefits, rewards, and perks.

Who is the REI Mastercard and REI Credit Card for?

These credit cards are ideal for frequent REI shoppers and outdoor enthusiasts. If you make regular purchases at REI, either in-store or online, and want to reap rewards and discounts on your spending, then the REI Mastercard or REI Credit Card could be a fitting choice.

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Terms and Bonus Offers

When approved for either card, you're eligible for a bonus offer. After making your first purchase with your new card, you receive a $100 REI gift card.

There is no annual fee associated with either card. The APR varies based on the prime rate and your creditworthiness, so it's recommended to review the current rates and terms when considering these cards.

Feature Details
Card Type Credit Card
Annual Fee None
Sign-up Bonus $100 REI Gift Card
Rewards Rate 5% back on REI purchases; 1% back on all other purchases
Bonus Rewards Special offers, sales and discounts
Who is it Good For Outdoor enthusiasts and frequent REI shoppers

Perks and Discounts

Both the REI Mastercard and the REI Credit Card offer a range of perks that can enhance your shopping experience at REI. The most notable benefit is the 5% back on all purchases at REI, in addition to the standard 10% member dividend. This means a total of up to 15% back on all your REI purchases—a fantastic deal for frequent shoppers.

Additionally, these cards provide 1% back on everyday purchases outside of REI, with no limit on how much you can earn. This allows you to gain rewards on all your spending, not just at REI.

Another substantial benefit is that REI will make a donation to the National Forest Foundation every time you make a purchase with your card.

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Is it a Good Card to Have?

Given the rewards structure, if you frequently shop at REI or spend a lot on outdoor gear, either the REI Mastercard or the REI Credit Card could be a worthwhile addition to your wallet. With no annual fee, generous cashback rewards at REI, and 1% back on everyday purchases, these cards offer valuable returns on spending.

Also, they can be part of your contribution to environmental conservation efforts, with REI's commitment to donate to the National Forest Foundation upon your purchases.

However, always ensure to balance your spending habits with the APR and potential costs associated with carrying a balance on the card.

What to Consider Before Applying

Before applying for the REI Mastercard or the REI Credit Card, consider your shopping habits, credit score, and ability to pay off your balance each month. Remember that interest can quickly negate any rewards if you consistently carry a balance.

Also, compare the benefits of the REI cards to other rewards credit cards. While these cards offer substantial rewards for REI purchases, other cards might provide more comprehensive rewards across various spending categories.

In summary, the REI Mastercard and the REI Credit Card offer a unique blend of benefits and rewards, especially geared towards regular REI shoppers. Their attractive cashback rewards, coupled with environmental contributions, make them enticing options in the world of store-branded credit cards.


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