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UPDATED MAY 2023: REI Outlet has some great deals this month on Gregory Backpacks, Patagonia Clothing and Osprey backpacking tents. Check back regularly to see the latest clearance opportunities and gear. See the latest REI Outlet Online gear on sale now!

If you are wondering what the heck the online outlet at REI is or what deals you can expect, you are in the right place. We explain how the REI garage sale is different from the REI outlet online. If you are interested in the return policy or how to get the killer deals check out what we have below.

Save Up To 75% On New REI Gear.

The best part about the REI Outlet is that is all online, so you never miss a great deal. Click the button below for all the deals.

What Is The REI Outlet?

If you don’t already know, there is an amazing REI return policy and one of the ways they are able to take everything back (within one year) is by having the REI-outlet. When items are returned they fall into one of a few categories based on the state of the item and the type of item. If it hasn’t been used and the tags are still attached it will most likely go back on the sales floor at the regular price. 

Head to the REI Outlet to see the discounts for yourself.

Save on all your outdoor adventure gear.

Check Often For Latest Deals 

If the returned item is damaged it might be returned to the manufacturer or sold during a scheduled garage sale in the store parking lot.

Some returned items and older products get marked down in price and move to the REIoutlet for sale, if not to the clearance rack in the store. The REI-Outlet online is a great option for high-quality equipment at prices 30-60% off the regular price. You can find a number of amazingly low priced items at REI Outlet online. 

Great Deals Online at REI Outlet

Save Up To 75% On New REI Gear.

The best part about the REI Outlet is that is all online, so you never miss a great deal. Click the button below for all the deals.

Oh my gosh! REI Outlet online has some of the best prices on new outdoor equipment. You can get just about everything that you need to get out into the great outdoors. They have what you need for camping, rock climbing, hiking, mountain biking, and all things storage.

One of my favorite categories to look at on the REI-outlet website are the REI hiking boots. They have a great selection for everything from a boot for summer hiking to a mountaineering style for taking on Mt. Whitney.

When I need hiking shoes I always start at the REI-outlet. They have great deals for winter hiking, casual hiking, and backpacking.

No outdoor wardrobe would be complete without hiking pants or shorts. They have leggings, baggy, convertible, and winter hiking pants. Sometimes I spend all day looking at hiking pants drooling over the options.

Head to the REI Outlet to see the discounts for yourself.

Save on all your outdoor adventure gear.

Check Often For Latest Deals 

I use my camping chair for everything including the beach and the backyard. Actually I own multiple camping chairs, one for each occasion. Some women have shoe collections, I have a camping chair collection. You may want to start with a hiking checklist or camping checklist before shopping.

We have gotten some amazing deals at the REIOutlet on REI tents multiple times. They have every type of tent

Speaking of shoe collections, maybe you’re the type of woman with a cycling shoe problem. REI Outlet has cycling shoes, mountain biking shoes, and all the accessories you could dream of.

The only way to carry all the goods you found on the REI Outlet is an REI Backpack. The REI Backpacks selection is vast at the outlet. We have day-packs, backpacking packs, fanny packs, and quite a few other types of REI backpacks available.

REI Outlet Online vs Garage Sales

Save Up To 75% On New REI Gear.

The best part about the REI Outlet is that is all online, so you never miss a great deal. Click the button below for all the deals.

There are considerable differences between the REI Outlet online and REI Garage Sale. To start with the outlet is online and the garage sale is at a retail location.

You need to be an REI member to shop at the garage sale and no membership is required to shop the outlet.

The outlet doesn’t have damaged or used items for sale, only new items that are marked down or are on sale. The garage sale will have damaged or questionable quality materials.

The difference in the quality of items (damaged versus new) means that the deeper discount will be found at a garage sale compared to the Outlet.

The outlet is open 24 hours a day because it is online. You won't need to wonder when is the next REI Garage Sale if you shop online at the outlet.

A super important difference is that items purchased at a garage sale are not eligible for a return, but REI Outlet purchases are.

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REI Outlet Sales Clearance & Deals

The REI Outlet store online offers daily clearance sales from 20% - 50% off. These are usually brand new gear from last season or the season has finished and they are trying to get them out of their inventory. Incredible deals! And get an REI Gift Card for your special someone. Check out the REI Memorial Day Sale in May. See the latest deals and use a members only REI Coupon.  

REI Tents - All Co-op Tents Reviewed (Backpacking, Campground, Family)

If you are considering purchasing a tent, you should start by looking at the REI options. Their tents tend to be 50% less than their competitors while offering many of the same features. You can even save money by using your REI Credit Card

REI Garage Sales

If you remember back in the pre-covid days, a couple times a year, people with REI Memberships would all line up at 6 am in the REI parking lot waiting for the best new and REI used gear or outdoor equipment sale of the year at the REI Garage Sales. Those days are gone, now you can just buy the stuff online from their Outlet or Used online stores. 

REI-Outlet Return Policy

The REI Outlet returns are allowed in an REI store or by sending the item to REI via the mail. Items are guaranteed for 1 year from purchase and can be returned for a full refund, even if the item was worn or used.

Personally, I love their return policy, it allows me to buy what I think will work without the worry of being stuck with something that isn’t quite right. For example, I thought a regular length sleeping bag would work for my 5’6” body and I was wrong. I like to have my clothes at the foot of my bag without my toes feeling squished. I did not know that until I used my bag. I was so relieved to be able to swap it for the long length and haven’t needed to swap since.

Save Up To 75% On New REI Gear.

The best part about the REI Outlet is that is all online, so you never miss a great deal. Click the button below for all the deals.

Deals To Be Had At REI Outlet Online By Category

We pay a lot of attention to what items are usually available for discounted prices on the REI Outlet site. Some items are almost always available so it makes no sense to every pay full price at the main REI store. 

We have taken the time to put together a list of items that are commonly found at the outlet. The REI brand is commonly available at the Outlet website which makes sense, everything sold at the Outlet is brand new and it is an easy place for them to sell their own products. 

Camping & Hiking Deals At REI Outlet Online

If you love camping and hiking like I do then you are probably broke, like me. We love drive up camping and love the comforts all the stuff you can buy brings but it is expensive. And don't even get me started with the cost of backpacking gear where it seems to cost $100 per ounce saved in gear. We have put together a pretty extensive list of Camping and Hiking gear at REI outlet that you can save up to 75% on new gear. 

Sleeping Bags and Accessories

If you are looking for an REI discounted sleeping bag from their website expect to save 20 - 35% at the REI Outlet on sleeping bags. 

New Kelty Sleeping Bags On Sale

kelty sleeping bag

You can usually find a Kelty sleeping bag on the Outlet site for 25% - 35% off. We regularly see Kelty Cosmic down 20 sleeping bags, Kelty Cosmic down 0 sleeping bags, Kelty Cosmic 40 down sleeping bags. These Kelty Cosmic down sleeping bags have 600 fill power DriDown and are made with denier nylon and polyester. 

Discounted Big Agnes Sleeping Bags

big agnes sleeping bag

There are always a ton of Big Agnes Sleeping Bag available on the REI discount website. They carry all the favorites, both down and synthetic linings for camping and backpacking. What we like about these backpacks is they sell Men's, Women's sizes and offer long bags. You can find Big Agnes Silver Creek Sleeping Bags, Big Agnes Mahler Sleeping Bags, Big Agnes Owl Mountain Sleeping Bags, Big Agnes North Fork Sleeping Bags, Big Agnes Stoddard Sleeping Bags, and Big Agnes Kelton Sleeping Bags. Why buy them for full price when literally their whole line is available at the REI Outlet website. 

Klymit Sleeping Bag On Sale Now

Klymit sleeping bag

Klymit sleeping bags are becoming ever more popular due to the quality for the price they offer. If you are looking to save on a Klymit sleeping pad or Klymit sleeping bag, I'd start at the outlet online. Expect to find their Klymit KSB 0 down sleeping bag, Klymit KSB 20 down sleeping bag, Klymit KSB 0 Hybrid sleeping bag, along with the Klymit KSB 15, & 35 down sleeping bags. You may even find an inexpensive Klymit Wild Aspen sleeping bag. Overall the down bags are really good value and you can expect to save about 25% from retail price. 


When you think about sunglasses you may not automatically consider REI as your goto place but you may want to reconsider. Especially if you really like Costa sunglasses because they always have great deals on new Costa sunglasses. They also usually have deals on Smith sunglasses, Suncloud sunglasses and Spy sunglasses. You can expect to pay about 25% - 40% less than the retail prices on REI outlet sunglasses. 

Costa Sunglasses On Sale Now

costa sunglasses

If you are looking for Costa Sunglasses than a great place to start is at REI Outlet online for discounts of 25-40% off new Costa sunglasses. REI carries a variety of Costa's, including; Costa Canaveral Sunglasses, Costa Bimini Sunglasses, Costa Wader Sunglasses, Costa Vela Sunglasses, Costa Helo Sunglasses, Costa Skimmer Sunglasses, Costa Del Mar Switchfoot Sunglasses, Costa Wader Sunglasses, Costa Pilothouse Sunglasses, Costa Sampan Sunglasses, Costa Del Mar Sunglasses, to name a few. Basically, check out REI Outlet Sunglasses before paying full retail! 

Hiking Backpacks

Whether you are new to backpacking or an old hand, you know that good equipment is costly. The top two brands when it comes to hiking or camping backpacks are Osprey and Gregory. In fact, have multiple Gregory Backpacks and my husband prefers Osprey. However, we bought ours for full price at REI because we were stupid. Now with the REI Outlet online you can purchase a Gregory Backpack or Osprey Backpack brand new for 25% - 35% off the retail price. The top bags run from $200 - $300 so this is a huge savings $50 - $105 off of hiking and camping backpacks. 

Gregory Backpacks Discounted Pricing

gregory backpacks

Gregory backpacks are the premium hiking and camping backpack. They are the go to back for the weekend hobbyist to the PCT warrior. For this reason, they regularly cost $200 to $300. But you don't have to pay full price at the REI Outlet. Some of the best deals are on the Gregory Deva 60 backpacks, Gregory Deva 70 backpacks, Gregory Maven 55 backpack, Gregory Amber 70 backpack, Gregory Amber 44 backpacks. I have found that the Gregory backpacks fit my hips better and rest the weight more comfortably than the Osprey. They certainly are uni-sex but I suspect people with a little bit of hip and butt will probably like the Gregory fit a bit better than the Osprey. 

New Osprey Backpacks On Sale

osprey backpacks

The Osprey backpacks offer multiple cutting edge options with a long history of performance. My husband swears by his Osprey which is good because he is carrying half of our gear! Osprey's tend to be a bit more expensive than Gregory's and finding them on sale at REI is a treat. Now you just have to go online to their discount site and save 25% - 35% on a brand new one. You can find Osprey Backpacks on sale like the; Atmos Osprey 65 Backpack, Osprey Atmos 65 backpacks, Osprey Aether 70 backpack, Osprey Atmos 50 Backpack, Osprey Atmos AG 65 backpack, Osprey Ariel, 65 Backpack, Osprey Aether 60 backpack, Osprey Atmos Ag 50 backpack, Osprey Aether 85 Backpack, Osprey Ariel 55 Backpack, Osprey Aether AG 70 backpack, to name a few. Osprey offers uni-sex and specific sex backpacks with technology to make the fit and experience better for each. 

Discounted Tents

Deals On Sleeping Pads, Cots and Hammocks

REI Outlet Near Me, Locations & Online

There are no physical REI Outlet Locations other than online. Unlike other retail chains, REI outlet is only available online at this time. So you are looking for an REI outlet near me, than click on the link below and stop shopping online. 

There has been talk of REI outlet locations being added to the Seattle area and possible the Denver area. Those are two of the largest flagship REI stores and it would make sense to put an REI outlet store location in those areas. 

Until that time you won't find an REI outlet store locator if you are looking for an REI outlet near me. 

Head to the REI Outlet to see the discounts for yourself.

Save on all your outdoor adventure gear.

Check Often For Latest Deals 

REI Outlet Coupon

While there are special deals and sales regularly at the REI-Outlet, there are no specific coupons available for the outlet, but there are some REI Coupons available. The deals are the discounted prices listed on the outlet.

I recommend signing up for the newsletter so you can be alerted anytime they have big sale.

You will get a 10% dividend for qualified purchases (80% of my 2019 purchases were qualified), which is like an annual gift card.

I am simultaneously excited to have money to spend and ashamed at how much I spent, haha.

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