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Black Diamond is a brand that was founded in climbing and has made its way to the top of gear charts, starting with its cutting edge equipment that has always been long ahead of its time. 

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Where to Buy Black Diamond Near Me? 

Hey there!  Looking to buy Black Diamond products? You will find our updated list of online shopping options for Black Diamond climbing gear, Black Diamond headlamps and more.

Black Diamond Outlets

The Black Diamond Outlet does not exist. The best way to find a deal or good price on Black Diamond equipment is  below:

Find the latest deals on all the Black Diamond equipment you're looking for!

Black Diamond Equipment

Where is Black Diamond Headquarters?

Black Diamond Headquarters
2084 East 3900 South
Salt Lake City, Utah 84124
Telephone: (801) 278-5552
Fax: (801) 278-5544

Black Diamond Return Policy

Items that are new and unused, with hand tags, and packaging are eligible for a refund for 60 days from date of purchase. After 60 days of purchase, you can get full merchandise credit.

If the item shipped to you was the wrong item, the shipping charges will also be refunded.

You will need a Return Authorization (RA) number in order for your return to be processed. In order to get your Return Authorization number complete the form and they will send you your number in 1-2 days.

If you don’t know your order number or prefer to get your RA number another way, email Black Diamond at or call Black Diamond toll free at (800) 775-5552 during normal operating hours.

Black Diamond Equipment

How to send your return to Black Diamond

Write the assigned RA number on the outside of the package and stick the provided return address label that came with the packing slip.

If you do not have the packing slip, don’t worry! Follow the same steps as above and write the RA number on a slip of paper and include that with the return (inside the package). Use your favorite shipping method and its recommended that you get insurance and a tracking number. Black Diamond will not take responsibility for any loss or damaged items.

Send your return to:
Black Diamond Returns
1851 South 5350 West
Salt Lake City, UT 84104

Black Diamond Exchange Policy

If you need a different color, size, or product you can return your new and unused items for a refund (see above). Place a new order for the correct item. It is recommended that you return and re-order promptly so that the item is in stock.

Black Diamond Warranty Policy

Black Diamond, like most high end manufacturers, cover all material and manufacturer defects.   As usual, this does not cover normal waer and tear from use, abuse, or accidental damages.

Item or Category

Warranty Length

Lighting Products

3 Years

Apparel/Soft Goods (Packs and Gloves)

Practical Product Lifetime


1 Year

Jetforce Packs (2019* Models and on)

3 years for the pack, 1 year for li-Ion Battery

The warranty is only extended to the original owner.  Warranties may be limited by local laws or other regulations.

Anything not listed is subject to a 1 year warranty.

If you have an item that you think is covered under the warranty you can start  your warranty claim here

If you want to check on your Black Diamond warranty claim call (800) 775-5552.

Black Diamond Equipment

Camalot Trigger Wire and Cam Resling Service

Offering services like this is what keeps Black Diamond on the top of the game. Services are offered for Black Diamond products only.

If you are looking for a trigger replacement or a new sling you can get that done through the Black Diamond Cam Repair service.

  • $15 per trigger wire replacement
  • $8 for each new sling

Make sure you indicate how many items need servicing, and if they need more than one repair. Expect an email with a Return Authorization (RA) number to go with your cams. You need the RA before you ship any cams for service.

Expect about three weeks before you see your cams again.

Do-It-Yourself Triger Replacement

There is also the option of the DIY trigger replacement for most Black Diamond cams. You can get them at this link, saving you time and money.

Find the latest deals on all the Black Diamond equipment you're looking for!

Who Owns Black Diamond?

Black Diamond is owned by Clarus Corporation.

Where are Black Diamond products made?

During 2018-2019 Black Diamond moved much of the remaining US manufacturing (in Utah) to Asia.

Most manufacturing is done overseas. The company says that the complexity and sourcing of the materials is more suited for overseas manufacture.

How much is Black Diamond Worth?

Clarus Corporation bought Black Diamond for $90 million in 2010.

As part of this deal Clarus also purchased Gregory Mountain Products Inc. for $45 million and integrated it into Black Diamond’s operations.

Black Diamond Equipment

Black Diamond Brand Origin

Black Diamond began with a climber named Yvon Chouinard in the 1950s. He began by hand-forging pieces of climbing equipment, like pitons, and selling them in Yosemite Valley out of the trunk of his car.

Chouinard was always trying new ways to improve on existing equipment and in 1969 he added a curve to the ice ax, making it more versatile. He was a shrewd marketer and used a mailing list to market his new equipment.

His company, Chouinard Equipment, was dominating the very small climbing market of the US in the early 1970s.

He created the Great Pacific Iron Works Inc in 1973 as a corporate entity. From this grew a very successful company, Patagonia, based on the import of Scottish rugby shirts.

In the early 1990s climbing began to gain popularity which meant that more beginners started to climb. There were numerous allegations of defective products and lack of communication regarding the dangers of climbing.

Chouinard was forced to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy and later that year its assets were purchased.

The purchase of Chouinard Equipment Ltd. was made by a group of 40 former employees led by Peter Metcalf and a few investors from outside the company.

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Looking for Black Diamond?

Check out some of their best options.

Selection and a return policy that can't be beat.

In 1991 Metcalf moved the company, now called Black Diamond, from Ventura, California to Salt Lake City, Utah to be closer to outdoor activities like climbing and skiing.

Metcalf did a fantastic job leading this company to sales exceeding $20 million in 1995, when they only had 200 employees. R.E.I. named them their number one vendor and Metcalf was named “Utah Small Business Person of the Year” by the US Small Business Administration.

Black Diamond Equipment

The late 1990s included important acquisitions and mergers. Todd Bibler had a successful tent company based in Colorado that he sold to Black Diamond in 1996. Two years later Franklin Climbing Equipment which was a maker of climbing wall holds merged with Black Diamond.

Black Diamond expanded its range of products through further acquisitions like Ascension line of climbing skins and manufacturers of ski bindings, Skye Alpine Inc in 2002.

Sadly, Black Diamond lost multiple employees to avalanches, which led them to develop avalanche safety devices. For example, a Denver back-country enthusiast, Tom Crowley, invented the AvaLung. The AvaLung is a vest that has a network of tubes that deploy in the event of an avalanche which allows the user to breathe through the snow-pack.

Black Diamond Equipment Around the World
The European arm of the company was established in Reinach, Switzerland, and has made Black Diamond products more widely available in Europe since 1996.

A decade later, in 2006, Black Diamond Equipment Asia was created in Zhuhai, China and acts as a global distribution hub and as a secondary manufacturing facility.

In 2010 the company was acquired for $90 million by Clarus Corporation.

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Looking for Black Diamond?

Check out some of their best options.

Selection and a return policy that can't be beat.

Who founded Black Diamond

Yvon Chouinard was born in Lisbon, Maine and his family moved to California when he was eight years old. He started climbing early on and was an industrious young man.

Yvon was climbing while in high school and bought a book on blacksmithing, an anvil, and a coal-fired forge. Soon after he graduated he started making his own pitons (pointed spikes fir wedging into rocks) from hardened steel.

Other climbers loved his home-made pitons because they could use them repeatedly and climb higher pitches. Starting in 1957 he started selling his pitons out of the trunk in his car.

Black Diamond Equipment

He borrowed $832 from his parents to acquire the equipment to start aluminum forging. He developed his own carabiner and other pieces and soon his products were being sold at specialty stores like The North Face.​
The design of some the more popular equipment meant that it would be left behind in the rock. This was upsetting to Yvon and he became known as an advocate for ‘clean climbing’, which is where people leave less equipment behind, or ideally none. The company made products to support this effort such as, Hexentrics and Stoppers nuts and the first ice screw that is tubular in the late 1970s.

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