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Salomon Brand Review
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Salomon got its start as a ski edge maker and has found its way into many non-winter outdoor sports including Salomon hiking shoes, inline skates, and other technical gear that demonstrates its ability to create high-performance equipment for athletes, especially those that love winter.

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Salomon Near Me

Are you wondering where to buy Salomon products? Below you will find a list of places you can find Salomon shoes and clothing near me, near you, and online. 

Where are Salomon Headquarters Located?

Salomon Headquarters
Les Croiselets - Metz-Tessey, 74996 Annecy, France
Phone +33 4 50 65 4141

Amer Sports (Parent Company)
Konepajanakuja 6, P.O Box 1000
00511 Helsinki
Phone +358 20 712 2500

The US Salomon operations are located in Ogden, Utah.

Salomon Return Policy

When you purchase from the Salomon online store you are eligible for a 30-day hassle-free return. The items must not have been used and returned with the original packaging. If the product was damaged or not what you ordered you can call customer service to cover your shipping costs at 1-833-230-0292 from 7 am to 5 pm MST Monday to Friday.

Salomon Quality Warranty

Footwear is covered for two years for the original purchaser. This warranty covers products that are found to have manufacturing or material defects.

This warranty, like most others, does not cover normal wear and tear, damage from transportation, or improper storage. Basically, you can’t sit too close to the fire and claim that the melted shoe should be replaced. But, if the shoe is missing lace holes, then it is covered by the warranty.

Double-check the details listed on the website or check with the store you purchased the product.

Salomon brand review

Who Owns Salomon

In the 1990’s Salomon owned other companies including Taylor Made and Mavic.

In 1998 Adidas bought Salomon including Taylor Made and Mavic for roughly $1.2 billion. It is rumored that Adidas only wanted to get a hold of the golf market via Taylor Made.

Amer Sports purchased Salomon and Mavic in 2005 for $530 million from Adidas.

amer sports owns salomon

How Much is Salomon Worth?

In 2017 Salomon logged over 900 million euros in sales, making it one of the largest outdoor brands.

Where are Salomon Products Made?

Since a larger company owns Salomon the shoes are made in quite a few places; the most common Salomon manufacturing locations are China and Vietnam.

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Looking for Salomon Products?

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Selection and a return policy that can't be beat.

Where are Salomon Outlet Stores?

Chicago Premium Outlets
1650 Premium Outlet Blvd
Aurora, IL 60502
(630) 585-2200

Amer Sports Factory Outlet
2030 Lincoln Ave
Ogden, UT 84401
(801) 624-7670

Do Salomon Shoes Go on Sale?

The best places to find deals on Salomon shoes REI or at the REI Outlet. This is always a favorite because of their easy return policy, even for worn and dirty shoes.

Another place to hunt for great deals on Salomon shoes Amazon shopping is a favorite if you know what you want and don’t worry about returns.

Find the latest deals on all the Salomon gear you're looking for!

Brand Origin Started with Georges Salomon (1925-2010)

When you ask who founded Salomon, you are in for a heartwarming tale.

The Salomon brand origin is more of a Salomon brand family history. The legendary brand began as a family business in the heart of the Swiss Alps in 1947.

The three-person business was based in a single room metalworking shop that the father, Francios Salomon, had purchased to make saw blades.

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Looking for Salomon Products?

Check out some of their best products.

Selection and a return policy that can't be beat.

In the previous decade, the way skis were being designed and manufactured had changed dramatically.

The edge of the ski was now being made from metal.

Previously, ski’s were made of wood and it was difficult to grab the edge in ice and hard snow. Adding the layer of metal as the edge, it gave skiers... an edge.

Georges Salomon

Georges, the son, was plugged into the tourists and new ski fads. He convinced his parents to change what they made in their shop.

The Salomon family re-worked their shop and began making ski edges and the future of snow sports would be forever changed.

Within a decade they had designed successful bindings and 15 years later it introduced a groundbreaking ski boot, one with rear entry.

The success of the company grew with new products and award-winning performance.

old salomon logo
salomon usa
salomon logo

Stellar Design

What sets Salomon apart from other brands is their attention to detail and their ability to take what already exists in the marketplace and make it better, lighter, faster, and easier.

They devote 80% of their time to research and 20% to execution.

They don’t mess around with making a lot of products and what they do make, they make really really well.

Some new products take upwards of five years in development before they reached the consumer.


Another competitive advantage Salomon has demonstrated over the last 70 years is the ease with which they market and brand their products.

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Looking for Salomon Products?

Check out some of their best products.

Selection and a return policy that can't be beat.

Summer Sports

Salomon enters summer sports in 1992 with their first Salomon hiking shoes. Prior to this, they were squarely and smartly in snow sports, particularly skiing.
They put so much thought and care into each product, it didn’t surprise anyone when they came out with a limited line the first few rounds.

In 2001 Raid Race, the first XA shoe shows up. This shoe was designed to last multi-day races in rugged terrain.

It was not long before Salomon seated itself as a top hiking shoe and hiking boot designer and manufacturer.

Salomon Shoes and Boots

They broke into summer sports and started with Salomon trail running shoes, one of the most popular has been the Salomon speedcross 4 and the Salomon quest 4D 3 GTX.  

The cool thing is that Salomon running shoes is a broad term and finding the right shoe for you is the most important.

Next, they found their way into Salomon hiking shoes and Salomon hiking boots, some of the popular styles including the Salomon X Ultra 3 GTX.

You might be surprised to know that there are actually Slaomon tactical boots.  These are for the military minded outdoor enthusiast.

Salomon Skis and Winter Gear

Salmon has its roots in the alps and deep in the snow. They started with ski's and moved to ski bindings and then to ski boots.

Each new product was developed with love and care. Fore example, the Salomon ski binding was made by hand in a workshop.  ANd the Salomon ski boot forever changed the way ski equipment was made and designed.

They were not to be left out when snowboarding came into popularity.  The Salomon snowboards line is one that offers great options for the beginner and advanced snowboarder. 

Find the latest deals on all the Salomon gear you're looking for!

How to Clean Salomon Shoes?

General Care: Salomon recommends that you remove all the mud and dirt from the shoe after each use. Never wash your Salomon shoes in the washing machine. To dry shoes leave them at room temperature without drying aids.

Leather Materials: Leather treatments, even those recommended by the pros, can cause discoloration but will not affect performance. To prevent the signs of natural aging like stiffness, cracking, and decrease of waterproofness, Salomon recommends treating with cream or water-based wax treatment like Nikwax.

Textile Materials: To ensure your product lasts as long as possible follow the General Care instructions above.

Reinforcement Materials: Specific models of Salomon shoes are made with reinforced materials placed in the high rub and extra use areas. These may change color or texture, but this will not affect the ability of the shoe to perform. Liners are recommended to be cleaned regularly to avoid build-up of dirt and the production of odor. Salomon brand sock liners are to be machine washed in warm water when necessary and replaced when needed.

Laces: Shoelaces are likely to become worn and need replacing. Laces can be cleaned in warm water and mild soap, rinsed and left to dry at room temperature.

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